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October 13, 2021 07:11 pm GMT

Netflix Renews You Season 4 Ahead Of Season 3 Premiere

Netflix has just renewed their Penn Badgley stalker seriesYoufor season 4 ahead of the premiere of the show's third season, whichis set todebut on October 15.You, which is based on the series of novels by Caroline Kepnes, follows Joe Goldberg (Badgley), a sociopath whofalls in love with women and stalks them, leaving a trail of bodies in his path. The seriesoriginally ran for one season on the Lifetime network before being picked upbyNetflix. You became a more or less immediate hit for the streamer.

Season 2 ofYou, which premiered in late 2019, followed Joe as he moved from New York City to Los Angeles. He indulged his stalker tendencies once again after meeting Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti),a privileged heiress who proves herself more than a match for him.Like many series that premiered around that time, the follow-up season suffered heavy delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, butYou season 3 wrapped production in April of this year.

PerDeadline, Netflix has already renewedYou for a fourth season. Partially because it's too early and partially because it might spoil the events of the third season, no casting announcements have been made yet. However, the one character fans can almost certainly count on returning is Joe Goldberg himself, because there is noYou without him.

When it premieres, You season 3will follow Joe and Love during their life as a newly married couple in suburbia. They have moved into the ironically named Northern California communityof Madre Linda (which means "Beautiful Mother" in English), where Joe will attempt to curb Love's killer instincts and embrace family life. Unfortunately for him, his next-door neighborNatalie (Michaela McManus) haspiqued his interest, but his usual stalking techniques won't work under Love's watchful eyes. Season 3 will also starTati Gabrielle, Dylan Arnold, Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle, Bryan Safi, and Scott Speedman.

While the second season ofYouwas based largely on the second novel,Hidden Bodies, the ending of the season took the story in an entirely new direction. Season 3 of the series will likely contain elements from the third novel,You Love Me, but it is largely looking to take the series in a completely different direction than the novels. However, season 4 may catch up with what those who read the novels are more familiar with, or else go theGame of Thronesroute and further the show's complete divergence from its source material.

Source: Deadline

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