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October 13, 2021 11:29 am GMT

I built a dating site

Hello! I used to be active here and on the Discord, and the stream of people making stuff gave me the impetus to get my head down and build something myself. So thank you all for being busy and infecting me with your enthusiasm.

Yeah, all other domains taken. It's a dating site because the world needs more dating sites. I haven't posted the link anywhere else so don't expect to find your dreamboat. Unless your idea of a dreamboat is me.

The premise is that photos are hidden by default. You have to strike up a conversation with someone before you can request to view their photos. When they accept, both users can see each others' photos. There is a toggle in settings to disable sharing at any time.

Hopefully that will lead to lengthy profiles and a reduction in 'Hey' messages. Who knows.

The main purpose for building the site is to get experience in tech I don't normally get to use - this is my first time with Node, Vue, post-css, uploads (without a plugin), websockets - and as such I tried to build as much of it myself as possible.

Some tech:Postgresql, Node, Express, ws, Passport, multer, sharp.Vue, Vuex, and Vue plugins for sockets, validation, meta, and i18n (strings in but not switchable).

CSS is all from scratch, as well the photo upload component (may be iffy...), photo viewer, the terms as you can probably tell.

It has taken 18 months to get to this state and although that translates to between 0 and 8 hours a week, it feels like it has been such a long slog. My interest is starting to wane so I've decided to put it out there despite knowing there are bugs. And that really rankles but I need to get over it.

I failed to appreciate just how big a project this would turn out to be. I thought along the lines of DB, forms, messaging, photos... ease! Nope.

Thanks for taking a look

P.S. I'm no designer. It is bare, I know.


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