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October 13, 2021 03:50 am GMT

Adobe is bringing Camera Raw editing to Photoshop on the iPad

Ahead of its Max conference on October 26th, Adobe has shared a preview of a feature thats coming to Photoshop on the iPad, and its a big one. You'll soon be able to use its Camera Raw tool to import RAW files from your camera to the iPad.

You can use the tool to import any file format Camera Raw currently supports. That includes the ProRAW files that Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro can output. Once youve loaded an image, you have access to all the usual adjustments youll find on the desktop version of Camera Raw, allowing you to tweaks things like the exposure and color of your photo.

One nifty new feature is that its possible to import your RAW file as a Smart Object into Photoshop. That means you can add your image to a PSD, open the resulting file in Photoshop desktop and still have access to the embedded file and adjustments. Adobe says Camera Raw is coming to Photoshop on the iPad soon. In the meantime, well likely see the company preview more upcoming features for its various apps at Adobe Max later this month.

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