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October 13, 2021 01:45 pm

Acers Chromebook 515 is made for business on the go

The Acer Chromebook 515 open, to the right, on a clear table. The screen displays The Verge homepage.
The Chromebook 515 is a new line from Acer.

Like most laptop manufacturers, Acer has been courting remote workers and students with many of its new releases. I’ve spent some time with an early sample of the Chromebook 515, a new line targeting remote business users.

Perhaps most importantly for many work-from-home customers, the 515 looks to be a solid video-conferencing tool. The speakers, with the help of a built-in smart amplifier, deliver audio that’s surprisingly loud and easily fills a room — it’s louder than the audio of many much more expensive Windows laptops I’ve reviewed recently. The webcam has a physical shutter that’s easy to slide back and forth and did a good job keeping me visible in dim light (though it delivered a somewhat grainy picture). There are two...

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