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September 15, 2021 12:08 am GMT

Editorial Illustration - Dangerous Camouflage

Editorial Illustration - Dangerous Camouflage
Super Clever Editorial Illustration - Dangerous Camouflage

Eiko Ojalashared an awesome editorial illustration post on his Behance profile. Titled as "Dangerous Camouflage", Eiko tries to provide a critical point of view of the addiction of society to electronic devices, in this particular case, theabout soldiers using smartphones andhow dangerous it is of reviling all sorts of information.

The illustration looks like it was made of cut-outpaper and has an amazing style, especially the use of negative space alongside with lights and shadows. In addition to the style, the composition creates a camouflage effect. Very clever.

For more information about Eiko check out his website at

Editorial Illustration

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