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September 15, 2021 05:55 am GMT

3 JavaScript Project Series.

Hello Coders!

Welcome back to the Javascript project series. Today i'm share another amazing project.

Save This Series For Upcoming Projects.


  • Let's get started....

3. Animated Menu Indicator using JavaScript.

  • In this, we're going to see how you can create an animated Menu Navbar using JavaScript. Navbar is an essential part of any website. It gives the user a functionality to navigate through the website efficiently and easily. It guides the user accordingly so the user will not get lost or loose interest.

Here's a preview:-


CodePen Link For Result

That being said, let us get started.

  • Step - 1:- Like always, create 3 files - Index.html, Style.css and Script.js.

  • Step - 2:- Copy the below HTML code and paste it into your code editor.


<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en" ><head>  <meta charset="UTF-8">  <title>Animated menu indicator</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"></head><body><nav class="nav">  <a href="#" class="nav-item is-active" active-color="orange">Home</a>  <a href="#" class="nav-item" active-color="green">About</a>  <a href="#" class="nav-item" active-color="blue">Project</a>  <a href="#" class="nav-item" active-color="red">Blog</a>  <a href="#" class="nav-item" active-color="rebeccapurple">Contact</a>  <span class="nav-indicator"></span></nav><script  src="script.js"></script></body></html>
  • Step - 3:- Below is the CSS code for styling.


@import url(",700&display=swap");* {  box-sizing: border-box;}body {  text-align: center;  display: flex;  height: 100vh;  width: 100%;  justify-content: center;  align-items: center;  padding: 0 20px;  background-color: #f6f7fc;}.nav {  display: inline-flex;  position: relative;  overflow: hidden;  max-width: 100%;  background-color: #fff;  padding: 0 20px;  border-radius: 40px;  box-shadow: 0 10px 40px rgba(159, 162, 177, 0.6);}.nav-item {  color: #83818c;  padding: 20px;  text-decoration: none;  transition: 0.3s;  margin: 0 6px;  z-index: 1;  font-family: "DM Sans", sans-serif;  font-weight: 500;  position: relative;}.nav-item:before {  content: "";  position: absolute;  bottom: -6px;  left: 0;  width: 100%;  height: 5px;  background-color: #dfe2ea;  border-radius: 8px 8px 0 0;  opacity: 0;  transition: 0.3s;}.nav-item:not(.is-active):hover:before {  opacity: 1;  bottom: 0;}.nav-item:not(.is-active):hover {  color: #333;}.nav-indicator {  position: absolute;  left: 0;  bottom: 0;  height: 4px;  transition: 0.4s;  height: 5px;  z-index: 1;  border-radius: 8px 8px 0 0;}
  • Step - 4:- Below is the JavaScript code which is the most important part in this Animation. Here, we're creating two constants - indicator and items. "indicator" will store the information of the class ".nav-indicator", that is the line below. And "items" will store the information of the class ".nav-items", that is the menu-items.
  • Next define function handleIndicator that's check the which item is clicked by used as per click perform particular task.
  • In this function used forEach loop is an Array method that executes a custom callback function on each item in an array.
  • Read the code and you will understand how things really works.


const indicator = document.querySelector('.nav-indicator');const items = document.querySelectorAll('.nav-item');function handleIndicator(el) {  items.forEach(item => {    item.classList.remove('is-active');    item.removeAttribute('style');  }); = `${el.offsetWidth}px`; = `${el.offsetLeft}px`; = el.getAttribute('active-color');  el.classList.add('is-active'); = el.getAttribute('active-color');}items.forEach((item, index) => {  item.addEventListener('click', e => {handleIndicator(;});  item.classList.contains('is-active') && handleIndicator(item);});

And that's it. You're done.

Save This Series For Upcoming Projects.

And If you need more content like this follow @codev_land on instagram.

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