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February 23, 2021 03:32 am GMT

(PR) FORESEE P78A SSD from Longsys Passes Multiple Platform Compatibility Certifications

The epidemic in 2020 made people once again realize that computers are indispensable for study, entertainment, and work. In situations where frequent computer use is required, high-performance laptops are of vital importance. In September 2020, Intel launched the Evo platform, bringing improvements for laptops in terms of components, technology, and appearance. The platform makes laptops capable of delivering a remarkable experience, including: higher responsiveness, longer battery life, and improved appearance.

Under this context, the Evo platform puts forward higher requirements on laptop hardware. In addition to PCIe/NVMe SSDs with 256 GB or higher capacity, a near-instantaneous wake up time of 1 second or less is required. This outperforms many high-performance laptops on the market. The "1-second wake" function must be certified by Intel Modern Standby and Microsoft IHV (Tiger Lake requires SSD power to be less than 1.5 mW in the D3 cold state).

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