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February 19, 2021 10:22 am GMT

Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" to Feature i9-9900K-like Fancy Retail Package

Intel's upcoming flagship desktop processor, the Core i9-11900K, is expected to feature a fancy retail package, much like the original Core i9-9900K. VideoCardz just tweeted a teaser shot of what looks like an acrylic retail package of the chip, with its prominent i9 branding, in Intel's favorite shade of blue. Unlike the i9-10900K, which has a mostly paperboard box with a large acrylic window, the i9-11900K package appears to be entirely made of hard plastic, and an unknown geometric shape. We'll know a lot more as we creep toward the mid-March launch of these chips.

Update 10:18 UTC: Here it is, the i9-11900K retail package in all its glory. It's mostly a cuboid, but with numerous trapezoid shapes. The i9-11900KF, however, gets a basic paperboard box sans cooler, while the "locked" i9-11900 has a slightly larger paperboard box that has a boxed cooler.

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