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January 13, 2021 12:00 pm

36 Best Transitional Typefaces (Fonts to Download)

Curious about transitional typefaces? Some of the most well-loved and popular fonts fall into the transitional serif typeface classification, and in this article, we'll take a look at what makes transitional typefaces a great choice. Check out our transitional typefaces list for inspired fonts and new additions to your font library.

transitional serif typeface
Many type designs today draw inspiration from the transitional typeface classification.

What Are Transitional Typefaces?

There are a lot of different type classifications out there, such as old style, transitional, and modern typefaces, to name a few. You might have questions like: is Times New Roman a serif font? What type of font is Times New Roman, or is Times New Roman a monospaced font?

Before we dig into those questions, let's start with typeface classification. Consider it a way of visually observing and classifying different fonts. Rather than being strict rules, you can look at them as ways to understand different aesthetic approaches. If you can identify these qualities, you can better choose the perfect font for your project.

Unfamiliar with typeface classification? Check out this free tutorial from Envato Tuts+. It's perfect for beginners and an awesome refresher for experienced designers, too.

So, what are transitional typefaces? They are often considered a "transition" between old style fonts and more modern serifs, like didones. You'll see a lot more contrast than you'd see in an old style serif, but you wouldn't see quite as much as you'd see in a didone, which can be quite stark. 

If you're looking for a Times New Roman alternative, a transitional is likely what you're looking for. Two well-known transitional typeface examples would include Times New Roman and Baskerville. 

transitional serif fonts
Times New Roman font example and Baskerville font example

The Times New Roman font family is common in academic and professional settings, so a lot of us are very familiar with it. Let's knock out some of those frequently asked questions too. 

Q: Is Times New Roman a Serif Font?

Yes, note the extended "ends" at the end of the font's stroke. Those are called serifs. 

Q: What Type of Font is Times New Roman?

Times New Roman is a transitional serif typeface. It's commonly seen and used as Times New Roman regular, Times New Roman italic, and Times New Roman bold.

times new roman font
Observe the visual qualities in Times New Roman numbers, in this Times New Roman font example.

Q: What Does 12 Point Times New Roman Font Mean?

When someone asks "what does 12 point Times New Roman font mean", they are usually referring to common requirements in academic and research papers. The "12 point" refers to the size of the font, and it's probably one of the most common Times New Roman numbers for font size, when it comes to papers and school work, in many parts of the world.

Q: Is Times New Roman a Monospaced Font?

Times New Roman letters are proportionally spaced with a variable width. This means that Times New Roman letters are not monospaced; the Times New Roman font family is proportional, while a font like Courier would be monospaced.

times new roman font family
Times New Roman regular, Times New Roman italic, and Times New Roman bold

Curious about Times New Roman history, fonts like Times New Roman, and even fonts perfect for a Times New Roman tattoo? Then check out this article. It's a great introduction to the Times New Roman history, and it's an awesome list of inspiring fonts, too.

But there's more to a transitional typefaces list than matching Times New Roman characteristics. Instead, let's turn to a bit of a transitional typeface history. Their first appearance was in the 18th century, and they began to visually move away from some of the more calligraphic influence in the old styles and humanist serifs. If we look at serifs, historically, we see the push continue into more modern serifs.

So we can view the transitional typeface history as just that: a transitional point for serifs. They often have a little bit of both. This is important to note when looking at modern type design—you'll likely see fonts borrow from more than one classification, and that's ok! 

transitional font
This beautifully designed font takes inspiration from transitional typefaces

One of the great things about transitionals is their legibility. You'll often find a transitional font in professional settings. The overall aesthetic can have a strong air of trust and reliability. What do you think of, when you see a transitional font? They can be really dressed up for a formal and professional vibe.

transitional typeface examples
Evoke a sense of trust and elegance with transitional typefaces

Let's take a look at some transitional inspired fonts. Some of the fonts on this transitional typefaces list follow the rules more closely than others—some take hints of inspiration, while others stick to the aesthetic. All of them are beautifully designed typefaces. Enjoy the type inspiration, or consider adding one to your font library today.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements
Download from a large font library, all for one low flat fee, on Envato Elements.

If you love fonts, check out Envato Elements. It's an amazing font library, and you can download as many fonts as you want, all for one low fee. It's an awesome deal, especially if you're a professional designer. Try out new fonts for logo design, print, web fonts, and more—transitional typefaces and plenty of other genres too. With unlimited downloads, you can download as many fonts as you want, without worrying about the price tag. 

Download old style, transitional, and modern typefaces—there's a huge library of fonts to choose from, and they're all licensed for commercial use, too.

resume design template
This stylish resume design template is included with unlimited downloads on Envato Elements.

But the deal gets even sweeter. Envato Elements isn't just about fonts. You can also download stock photos, illustrations, graphics, print templates, and a lot more. Looking for a new resume design? Download a template. You can even pick up a new WordPress theme for your website. All of this content is included with one fee, so you can download a much as you need or want.

wedding invitation template
There's plenty to choose from on Envato Elements—like these beautiful wedding invitation templates

Check out this inspiring transitional typefaces list from Envato Elements. You'll find some fonts like Times New Roman, but you'll also find a variety of other transitional typeface examples. From transitional Roman typeface design to a new twist on a Times New Roman bold like style with flourishes, there's plenty to see.


Wouldn't this font be an awesome fit for a Times New Roman tattoo font alternative? Something about it is just a little nautical. It's bold, so it would work well for points of emphasis too.

2. Media Times Transitional Font (Times New Roman Alternative)

Media Times Transitional Font

This font has a lot of notable Times New Roman characteristics, but also takes the inspiration in its own way. Use this one in your magazine, for your newsletter, or even for your next logo design.

3. Garcedo Decorative Transitional Roman Typeface

Garcedo Display Serif Font

Isn't this font elegant? It takes the traditional serif font and adds in all kinds of beautiful swashes and flourishes. It would be a great fit for high-end branding and luxury products.

4. Deleplace Transitional Serif Font Family

Deleplace Font Family

This font family is versatile and classy. It has three weights that you can mix and match. Try pairing this one with another font, or let it hold its own in your next composition.

5. Loverica Decorative Transitional Serif Font Bold

Loverica Bold

Here's another decorative serif with hints of different classifications. This is another one that just has luxury written all over it. Try this one with photography or in your next monogram logo.

6. Tonic - Luxurious Transitional Serif Typeface

Tonic - Luxurious Serif Typeface

Here we have a serif with some extra height. It's less decorative than the previous font, but definitely not less classy. Imagine this one on packaging for wine, beauty products, and more.

7. Victoryia Wastinger Elegant Inspired Transitional Serif Typeface

Victoryia Wastinger Elegant Display

Here's another merge of the classic serif with beautiful, sweeping lines. This font works best for display type—use it in your next headline or to command attention on a poster design.

8. Romans Rexamples Font Duo (Transitional Font and Script)

Romans Rexamples Font Duo

This font is reminiscent of a Times New Roman semibold with even more Roman inspiration. It's a font duo, however—so you also get the matching script font with this download.

9. Branch Elegant Serif Typeface

Branch Elegant Serif Typeface

In this lovely typeface design, parts of the strokes have been omitted. The result is really artful and memorable. Check out those lovely, sweeping alternates. Isn't it classy?

10. Nandi Modern Transitional Serif Font

Nandi Modern Serif Font

This font is bold and versatile. It has some visible transitional typeface inspiration, but also pushes it in another direction too, as many modern serifs do. Give this font a look today.

11. Giveny - Classy Transitional Serif Font

Giveny - Classy Serif Font

Here's another font that has plenty of potential for high-end products and elegant design situations. Imagine this one on invitations or paired with beauty products.

12. Qanaya Transitional Serif Font Family Pack

Qanaya Serif Font Family Pack

If you're looking for a beautifully designed font family, check this one out. It comes in three weights: regular, bold, and rounded. It also includes web fonts for your web design use.

13. Duarose - An Elegant Decorative Transitional Serif Typeface

Duarose - An Elegant Serif

There's something so elegant about mixing serifs with sweeping, script-like strokes, isn't there? This all caps serif font would be a classy addition to any type collection.

14. Media Times 2.0 Serif Typeface

Media Times 2.0 Sans Serif Typeface

This font has a lot of Times New Roman semibold energy mixed with stylish curves and flourishes. It's a remixed version of another font in this list—and it brings plenty of extra style to the table.

15. Endurest Font

Endurest Font

How about a serif font with a more organic and weathered look? This font is rather stamp-like, and almost treads into slab serif territory. Try this one out for your next rustic design.

16. Vendeur - Elegant Serif Font

Vendeur - Elegant Serif Font

Isn't the contrast in this lovely transitional typeface design beautiful? Try this elegant serif typeface in a number of situations. It could work well at larger sizes and smaller ones too.

17. Marinaio Family

Marinaio Family

Here's a more stylized serif font for your consideration. Experiment with the eight different included weights to make this font work for you in a wide variety of design scenarios.

18. Bodikago Luxury Serif Font

Bodikago Luxury Serif Font

The contrast in the strokes here is really beautiful, but we also start touching more of the modern or didone aesthetic in this one. Doesn't this one work well with green and gold? It's such a classy aesthetic.

19. Rovey - Handwritten Serif Font

Rovey - Handwritten Serif Font

If you love hand-drawn type, but you're still looking for a serif, check out this typeface. We see transitional inspiration, but with beautifully organic strokes that have a weathered look.

20. Samford Font

Samford font

This font has a neutrality that makes it very versatile—but without being boring. We see some interesting design choices here in many of the serifs and tilts of the strokes.

21. Nue Syierift - Playful Serif Font

Nue Syierift - Playful Serif Font

Here's another playful serif that experiments with script-like additions. Experiment with the included ligatures and alternates to create some really beautiful display type.

22. Selma - A Classy Serif Typeface

Selma - A Classy Serif Typeface

Isn't the width on this typeface beautiful? There's also such an interesting curve to the end of the lower case "a". This is a great example of "less is more". 

23. Gidora Serif Typeface

Gidora Serif Typeface

This serif font is another one with a really interesting shape. Take a look at the stylized approach to the tapered serifs too. This is an unusual and memorable font choice.

24. Alloy - A Sharp Serif Typeface

Alloy - A Sharp Serif Typeface

If you're looking for a more traditional choice, check out this font family. Choose from four different weights and their italic variants. Try this one at a variety of different sizes, too.

25. Zimra Serif Fonts Family Pack

Zimra Serif Fonts Family Pack

Isn't this a classy font family? It's easy to picture this one in a whole host of different design projects. Work with the five included weights to use this font on its own, or pair it with a stylish display font.

26. Shaaron: A New Serif Font Family

Shaaron A New Serif Font Family

This serif font takes an interesting approach, as the tapered serifs are a little more chunky. It's a playful aesthetic with a touch of transitional. Give this font a try today.

Even More Transitional Typefaces on GraphicRiver

Check out the impressive collection of professionally designed typefaces on GraphicRiver

If you're not looking for unlimited downloads or a library of content, you might prefer a collection like GraphicRiver. Browse the work of a diverse collection of designers from around the world. Pick and choose which fonts you download, including stylish transitional typefaces. GraphicRiver is a great choice if you're just looking for one or two assets or fonts.

Here is a list of some of the best transitional inspired typefaces over on GraphicRiver. Consider downloading one today, or sit back and enjoy the design inspiration.

1. Benjamin Title Serif

Benjamin Title Serif

If you're looking for a font that has a traditional, trustworthy, and elegant aesthetic, this might be just the font for you. The contrast here really pushes that aesthetic further.

2. Jaavon Serif Font Family

Jaavon Serif Font Family

Speaking of contrast, check out this font family. We still have a taper to some of the serifs here, but the contrast starts dipping into didone territory. It's a classy aesthetic, isn't it?

3. Aderes Serif Font Family

Aderes Serif Font Family

Here we have a bolder serif typeface. This time, the contrast is much lower, more like we'd see in an old style font. Remember, it's not unusual to mix aesthetics like that—it's often a great idea!

4. Marquez Vintage Serif Typeface

Marquez Vintage Serif Typeface

Check out this font. It's an all caps serif, which makes it a great fit for logos, display, and other points of interest. Command attention with this beautifully designed typeface.

5. Marschel | a Classy Roman Typeface

Marschel | a Classy Roman Typeface

Choose from both light and regular in this stylized serif font. There are unexpected dips in the strokes and a really beautiful use of contrast. This font could be a great choice for branding, packaging, and more.

6. Bronela - Fashionable Serif

Bronela - Fashionable Serif

This font is certainly fashionable. Try out the four different variants and experiment with all of the beautiful strokes and curves this serif typeface has to offer. It's a really fun font to try out.

7. Merova - Classic Serif (5 Fonts)

Merova - Classic Serif (5 Fonts)

Here's another stylish serif typeface that takes influence from a number of different aesthetics. Can you identify any of them? Try this font and its five different variants out today.

8. RosveliT | Ligature Serif Font

RosveliT | Ligature Serif Font

The ligatures in this typeface can add such interesting variety to your type. This is a particularly great fit for display type, and could also be an interesting choice for branding and logo design.

9. Aspal Typeface Font

Aspal Typeface Font

What if we took a traditional serif and cut parts of it up? Well, you'd likely get a visually interesting aesthetic like this one. The result is really quite graphic and memorable.

10. Aludra Serif Typeface

Aludra Serif Typeface

Here's a beautiful and versatile typeface, perfect for large text and body copy too. If you're looking for a great all-around serif to add to your collection, consider this one.

Which Transitional Typefaces Are Your Favorite?

So, which transitional serif typeface is your favorite? Which transitional font gets the most use in your font library? They are a versatile and timeless type classification, and a wonderful addition to any designer's toolkit. 

Remember, if you're looking to add more fonts to your collection, check out Envato Elements. It's an awesome choice for professionals and hobbyists alike, as you can download as many fonts as you want, without worrying about the price tag adding up. 

Or, if you prefer your downloads a la carte, check out GraphicRiver. There's plenty of style and inspiration over in GraphicRiver's galleries—including beautiful transitional typefaces. Take a look today!

Love fonts? Check out our collections of fonts, font aesthetics, and even free downloads that you can pick up today. Happy designing!

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