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April 21, 2020 05:14 pm

This website deletes itself if people stop posting

This Website Will Self-Destruct home page

The internet is littered with zombie websites: forums that most users have long abandoned, novelty pages whose cultural moments have passed. This Website Will Self-Destruct will not have that fate. If nobody posts on the site for 24 hours, it will permanently delete itself, leaving only an error message behind.

This Website Will Self-Destruct features a simple web form that lets you submit a letter to the site. The messages are stored anonymously in a database, and visitors can view them at random, getting a tiny window into people’s lives. But there’s a timer constantly counting down from 86,400 seconds. If it reaches zero, the database — and the site itself — will be deleted.

The project follows a long tradition of self-deleting games...

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