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April 13, 2020 08:54 am

Apple redesigning iPhone this year with flat sides and smaller notch, says report

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Bloomberg has published a new report detailing much of Apple’s product roadmap for 2020, including the four new iPhones that have been widely rumored. Corroborating Ming-chi Kuo’s analysis from last year, Apple is said to be redesigning the iPhone Pro chassis with flat edges reminiscent of the current iPad Pro. Kuo claimed the screen glass would still be slightly curved, while Bloomberg says it’ll be flat.

Bloomberg reports that there will be two iPhone Pro models with three cameras on the back and that they will feature the new iPad Pro’s LIDAR 3D-scanning system — it’s not clear whether that will take the place of one of the iPhone 11 Pro’s existing three cameras, though. It’s also unclear whether the boxy redesign will come to the...

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