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April 10, 2020 05:37 pm

YouTubes desktop site is now more touchscreen-friendly

YouTube has updated its desktop site to make it more touchscreen-friendly. The updated site makes tweaks to the three-dot menu and enlarges icons to make it easier to use the site from a touchscreen.

If you head to the YouTube desktop site now using a tablet or laptop with a touchscreen, you will notice the “three-dot” menu option is visible under all of the thumbnails of YouTube videos. Previously, you had to move a cursor over the video title for the “three-dot” option to appear, which meant you couldn’t use it if you didn’t have a mouse or trackpad.

The new update also adds larger icon sizes and the option to swipe the player up to enter full-screen or down to transform it into a mini-player.

Alongside better support for touchscreen...

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