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November 8, 2019 04:53 pm GMT

500 followers! About myself

Few days ago I celebrated my first 500 followers on Dev.To.
Actually, YOU are first 500 followers in my life, and I am glad that it happend on Dev.To. It is a friendly and intelligent environment of nice, professional and passionate people!

I skipped to write the introduction post at the very begining, so I would like to do that now.

Who I am?

I am an IT girl. Yes, so short.

Actually, I have a mixed education and experience: linguistic, engineering and scientific. But, what have always been a significant part of my life - is languages:

  1. I studied human languages in the lingustic gymnasium. I was even supposed to become a professional linguist.
  2. Then I learned programming languages at IT university and developers job. I even worked to create my own programming language while being a postgraduate.
  3. Now, I am learning marketing language.

These three skills help me to be who I am. Programming have taught me to structure information in my mind, lingustics - to structure it on paper and marketing tells how to introduce information after all.

Why I am here?

I am here for both fun and job.

I want to enjoy communication with like minded people, learn and share. This is my first blogging experience and I hope to improve myself in that. I had some written experience before: scientific articles, technical articles, esses, etc. But, writting on Dev.To is a new format for me - it requires more collaboration and understanding the audience.

I want to tell you about Aspose products, because they are great.
I am Developer Evangelist in Aspose - yes, the role, that nobody knows what is it.
For me, being Developer Evangelist means - showing you that Aspose products are great, as well as doing everything to make them better for you.
I have already published few posts about Aspose.Slides, and it seems you liked them:

What do you want to know about Aspose.Slides and presentations?
What do you want to know about me?

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