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October 9, 2019 09:00 am

This keyboard case gives the iPad Pro a pretty good trackpad

If you really, really want your iPad Pro to be a laptop, a new keyboard in crowdfunding called the Libra may be of interest. It’s a keyboard case with a laptop-style design, similar to the Brydge model I tested a while back, but there’s a big difference: this one has a trackpad.

In case you weren’t aware, iPadOS has rudimentary mouse support. It’s not very refined and it’s buried deep in accessibility settings, but it’s there. Until now, though, making using of it has required either an external mouse or this weird touch-sensitive keyboard I tried a few months ago. The Libra is the first solution I’m aware of that gives you a laptop-style trackpad.

I do a lot of writing on my iPad Pro, and the constant need to reach up to the screen when...

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