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October 9, 2019 01:17 pm GMT

Here's one way you can contribute to open source and help out DEV...

Anybody looking to contribute to Hacktoberfest or generally contribute to some projects, I have an idea for you...

Find official websites for languages, frameworks, etc. and create a PR adding the appropriate DEV links to that site.

As you know, our site is growing in popularity and we'd love to see it reflected all over the web as an important resource for the various technology communities.

Last year I made this PR to add a DEV Community link to the footer of the ReactJS website and it's been there ever since...

GitHub logo Add link to footer #1003

DEV Community is a burgeoning source of guidance and discussion on software topics, especially web dev. This will be a useful link to point to the official place to discuss React matters on the platform.

A few additional links pertaining to

Traffic stats: tag (as included in PR):

Some example React posts:

Happy coding

If you explore the different "official sites" you'll see ample opportunities to include a link to the relevant DEV tag in the footer or a "community" section etc.

It's a great way to learn about the different static site generators used across the web.

Here's another example of a similar PR made by @kelset in React Native...

GitHub logo Update the Community section #512

kelset avatar
kelset commented on Aug 13, 2018

This PR aims to expand the community section to cover better the React Native community at large.

I attempted to list all the places some time ago but now PR #459 remembered me about it so I think it's time I work it out.

I think that now is ready for review.

And here is a PR I made to the VueJS website...

GitHub logo Add DEV Community link to ecosystem dropdown #1980

This change adds a helpful link to the ecosystem dropdown

Vue content has been growing in popularity on DEV and it's become a great resource for getting started with and keeping up with the Vue ecosystem.

Several members of the Vue ecosystem have begun establishing a presence on the site:

Overall, the DEV Community is growing to be a central resource for developers all over the world.

screen shot 2019-02-01 at 7 06 13 pm

A link can similarly be found on the "channels" section of the footer.

screen shot 2019-02-01 at 7 15 23 pm

If this is not the right place for the link, let me know what might be more appropriate. Thanks a lot!

Code for the platform can be found here:

And admins (like myself) are always available to help the Vue team make the most of our community.

If it's appropriate to include the DEV logo and not just the text link, you can find the logo here.

In general DEV should be referred to as DEV or DEV Community. is also sometimes the right phrasing casually or for clarity, but is not the "official name" that should be used in these links.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions about this at all. I'd love to clarify anything. Thanks a lot for the help!

Happy coding

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