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September 11, 2019 07:18 am GMT

This jam-packed Google Analytics training bundle is on sale for only $20

TL;DR: The Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle will help your professional career in countless ways — get the whole thing for only $19.99.

In today's digital age, it pays to learn how to make sense of copious amounts of information. And when we say pay, we mean it in the literal sense. Considering that companies of all sizes now deal with data in one way or another, they pay data analysts top dollar to help them analyze the torrential downpour of information they get on the regular.

Now you can take advantage of the demand by learning the ins and outs of data analysis. You can start by picking up the Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle, which is comprised of nine comprehensive courses. Even if you don't want to become a data analyst per se, these skills will help you in almost any business or marketing-related position.  Read more...

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