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August 30, 2019 04:59 pm

9 React Native App Templates for You to Study and Use

React Native is an awesome way to create cross-platform mobile apps with native-like performance and a single JavaScript codebase. This open-source library “ combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.”

Why Should I Use React Native?

The React library is a powerful collection of code on its own, but React Native takes it a step further.

When building native applications, for many years it was necessary to create entirely separate apps. Each with their own code bases, and sometimes even different languages.

React Native acts as a wrapper for each of these native applications, allowing you to use a single code base to deploy to multiple devices. This drastically cuts down on costs, time, and maintenance when it comes to building your app. And you can build everything using JavaScript instead of a handful of disparate languages.

Getting started can be a bit rough, but there are plenty of apps, templates, and tutorials to help get you up to speed.

Here are 9 React applications from Envato Market to boost your projects and your skills.

1. Restaurant App Template—React Native

Developing a React UI for a restaurant may seem simple at first. But when you begin to think about the details and complications of a menu, you can easily see how a React application restaurant template is useful.

The Restaurant App Template handles all the nuances very well, and looks good too.

Restaurant App TemplateReact Native
“Manage your menu, accept orders, send push notifications.”

Features you'll find:

  • orders management

  • multiple languages

  • push notification

  • and more

This React app pulls data from Google's Firebase real-time database. This means you can manage your menu and make changes without needing to republish the app each time.

The Restaurant App Template is great for learning React and provides some nice features that are worth copying.

2. MStore Pro—Complete React Native Template for eCommerce

Nothing can be quite as difficult as organizing and presenting eCommerce. Taxonomies and collections are complex at best. Each item requires a high baseline of repetitive data depending on what is being sold. Variations can quickly get overwhelming, with data such as sizes, quality, inventory, color, versions, etc.

Now in it's third version, the MStore Pro (formerly called BeoStore) is a beautiful example of a React Native application for eCommerce.

MStore ProComplete React Native Template for E-Commerce
“Your products will appear clear and can be zoomed without any format error.”

Features include:

  • two product list modes

  • flexible product filter

  • user profiles

  • and more

On its lowest level, the UI presented here is top notch. When you consider the depth of data that is being sorted and presented—not to mention the fundamental feature set—this is a React application worth looking at closely.

The MStore Pro app template is amazing. You can learn more about what it can do with our tutorial on creating an eCommerce app with MStore Pro.

3. Tudu—A React Native Todo-List

What kind of list of React Native applications for you to use, study, and apply would this be without a good to-do application?

That's why I've included the very beautiful Tudu.

TuduA React Native Todo-List
“In this source code you have multiple useful features not only for a to-do list app, but for all kind of projects.”

Features you can use:

  • auto grow text input

  • offline storage

  • swipe actions

  • and more

This is a good example of a React application that makes good use of space. Everything is spaced well for mobile and is designed to feel good to the user. With its simple codebase, you can build out your own to-do application or use these design fundamentals to build something completely different. 

The Tudu React Native todo list app template is one of my favorites.

4. Antiqueruby React Native Material Design

If you're just digging into React Native, Antiqueruby is a one of the best tools you can have. With a collection of over 200+ screens, this kit gives you a ton of drop-in components for almost any scenario.

With direct access to the code behind the components, you can also use Antiqueruby to learn about each part of what goes into a React Native app, using small, self-contained components.

Antiqueruby UI and UX Components for React Native

There are a ton of components to learn from including:

  • user profiles

  • logins, sign ups, and registrations

  • advertising displays and handling

  • complex navigation handlers

  • third party app integrations

If you're looking to improve your skills when it comes to modular components and front-end development, this kit will help you close the gap! 

Learn more about the Antiqueruby React Native component library with our tutorial.

5. BeoNews Pro—React Native Mobile App for WordPress

There's hardly a better example of funneling your WordPress-based website into a React mobile app.

Easily get your WordPress site into mobile app form and onto the AppStore and Google Play with BeoNews Pro.

BeoNews ProReact Native Mobile App for WordPress
“BeoNews is an app that does magic for your website by converting your WordPress website into mobile true native app with customized contents.”

Features include:

  • easy Facebook integration

  • swipe gestures and animated UI/UX

  • multiple layouts

  • and more

If you're digging deeper into React or you want to get your WordPress-powered website into a mobile app store, this is an excellent place to start.

The BeoNews Pro React Native mobile app template for WordPress ticks all the right boxes.

6. Sky Webview—Android and IOS React Native App

As much as I like to get my hands dirty and learn how to build from the ground up, sometimes I find that it helps to use beginner-based tools. Once I can complete a project in “easy mode,” I can then dig deeper and learn the ins and outs more easily.

Sky Webview can help you get started with React applications without having to dig deep into code.

Sky WebviewAndroid and IOS React Native App
“No coding required.”

Features you'll find:

  • online theme edit panel

  • unlimited color options

  • over 670 icons

  • and more

I particularly like the “pull to refresh” feature.

Sky Webview is a wonderful aid for building your first React application.

7. OpenTV—React Native App for TV Channels and Livestreams

If you haven't already needed to bring video to a mobile device, it's only a matter of time. Present live stream video into a React application using OpenTV app template.

OpenTV - React Native App AndroidiOS for TV Channels and Livestreams
“You want a simple but complete native application, allowing to watch TV channels or livestreams or your mobile? OpenTV is what you need!”

Helpful features include:

  • supports both HTTP live streaming and local files

  • player controls and customizable behaviors

  • multiple formats and languages

  • and more

The OpenTV React Native app template for tv channels and livestreams is your React application answer to mobile video.

8. BeoUI—Complete Mobile UI Template for React Native

This is another beautiful UI with plenty of styles that can be used in many different applications.

The BeoUI  UI template will let you create great-looking apps for iOS and Android.

BeoUIComplete Mobile UI Template for React Native
“A complete mobile UI template for React Native.”

Features include:

  • flat design mixed with wonderful animation and parallax scrolling

  • multiple menu styles

  • WordPress support

  • and more

This reactive application template packs plenty of punch. With good looks and flexibility, you can build just about anything with the BeoUI UI template for React Native.

9. Currency Converter React Native App

A great example of a mobile app that packs in a lot of information and is highly utilitarian is the Currency Converter app.

Currency Converter React Native App
“It has stunning and attractive design and can easily be modified.”

Features include:

  • converts currency based on the current currency market rate

  • AdMob ready

  • ready for iOS and Android

Complete with flags from all countries, create a fully functional currency converter and deliver yourself straight onto the AppStore and Google Play.

The Currency Converter React Native App is worth every penny.


Using, studying, and applying these React Native applications and strategies is one of the best ways to become a React pro. Digging into completed code, examining UI and UX choices, and using existing building blocks provides insight that's difficult to come across when starting from scratch.

If you're looking for other ways to improve your React Native chops, checkout:

Pairing something you want to build with a good template and resource material is a recipe for React application success.

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