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August 13, 2019 06:17 pm PDT

The Past and Future of The Internet: A Symposium for John Perry Barlow

The Duke Law and Technology Review has released a special edition dedicated to examining the legal and philosophical legacy of John Perry Barlow: co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; junior lyricist for the Grateful Dead; biofuel entrepreneur; philosopher; poet; hacker Zelig; and driven, delightful weirdo.

Barlow died an untimely death in early 2018 after a lingering illness (septicemia from an infected toenail cuticle, seriously), and the breadth of the scholars in this journal are a testament to his wide reach.

I was privileged to contribute an essay myself. Other contributors include the copyright scholar James Boyle (previously), who also edited this edition; EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn (previously); Yochai "Wealth of Networks" Benkler (previously); Julie Cohen (previously); Jonathan Zittrain (previously); Peter Jaszi (previously); Pam Samuelson (previously); Charlie Nesson (previously); Jessica Litman (previously) and other smart and insightful writers and scholars.

The issue also includes some of Barlow's most influential essays like the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (previously) and "Selling Wine Without Bottles."

I can't wait to dig into this! Here's some of Cindy Cohn's essay, "Inventing The Future: Barlow and Beyond":

Barlow was trying to use the force of his will and mighty pen to bring a good future to pass in a world where it was far from certain. He was trying to get out ahead of what he knew would be the powerful forces against freedom online.

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