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August 13, 2019 03:17 pm GMT

AeroGarden Bounty is on sale for $130 off at Amazon

TL;DR: The AeroGarden Bounty is $219.95 at Amazon. It's typically $349.95 so you'll save 37%.

You might have heard that turning your lawn into a garden is a great way to use water more efficiently in this time when we are all becoming more aware of climate change and our carbon and water footprints. But we don't all have lawns, so what are the rest of us to do? Enter: The AeroGarden, which allows us all to grow fresh herbs and veggies right in our kitchens.

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By growing your own fruits and veggies you not only know exactly where your food is coming from, but you also can control what goes into these crops. (That's right: You can have crops. You'll basically be a farmer.)  Read more...

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