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August 9, 2019 06:19 pm

9 Best React Native App Templates of 2019

React Native is one of the most popular app frameworks out there, and for good reason. Ease of use, a modular nature, and a single code base are godsends for mobile app developers.

Your team no longer has to build a separate app for both iOS and Android. Just because React Native made the process easier though, doesn't mean it's simple. That's where React Native app templates come in.

What is React Native?

Pioneered by Facebook and released as open source, React Native has quickly become one of the most popular frameworks for mobile apps. Many popular apps that you already use are built on the platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb.

The React Native framework builds on the already popular React library, as well as vanilla JavaScript. This has played a big role in its quick adoption by players from every industry.

But why?

Before frameworks such as React Native, it was necessary to build your mobile app separately for each type of device you wanted it to run on. You'd have to build the app for iOS, then again for Android, then again for any other operating systems. And each of these platform-specific apps would be coded in a different language with different APIs.

With React Native, on the other hand, a single code base makes it possible to build your app once, and deploy it everywhere. On top of this, the app is coded entirely in JavaScript so that it is easier for developers to learn React Native using a language that they already know. Otherwise, you'll need a team with members experienced in half a dozen languages (or sometimes more!)

How Do I Build an App With React Native?

If you start from scratch, building an app with React Native is still a lot of work. Fortunately, though, there are a number of app templates available to make the job easier. 

In this article, I'll walk you through some of the best app templates available. If you want to learn more about how to use these templates for React Native app development, you might want to check out some of our other posts. Get a good overview of the React Native templates and tools that are available, then check out how to use a React Native template in your own project.

Ready to go? Let's dive into the best React Native mobile app templates available on CodeCanyon.

React Native App Builders

React Native app builders make it easy to create any kind of mobile app. These are multipurpose tools that save development time and make it possible for even non-developers to build an app for iOS and Android. 

1. React App Builder

React App Builder
React App Builder

React App Builder is a multipurpose, React Native app builder that helps developers and non-developers alike create any kind of iOS or Android app they want—chat apps, event apps, recipe apps, shopping apps, restaurant apps, etc. All you need to do is choose one of the available templates, edit and re-order the app’s more than 30 sections, customise the design, colours and layout, add your content, and your app is ready to publish on Google Play and the App Store. 

User getamove says:

"Smart platform with amazing customer support. Highly recommended. Thanks!”

Turn a WordPress or Shopify Site Into a React Native App

If you already have a WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify site, a React Native app template can make it easy to turn that site into a mobile app.  

2. MStore Multi Vendor

MStore Multi Vendor React Native Template
MStore Multi Vendor App Template

This React Native template makes building an eCommerce app a breeze. MStore Multi Vendor specifically targets those who want to build out an online store that allows for multiple vendors, much like Amazon or eBay.

The beauty of this app template though is its integrations into WordPress and WooCommerce. This makes it the ideal choice for businesses already operating online using those systems, since you'll be able to hook them in to your app, and be selling in no time!

This integration also means that you won't have to update your inventory in multiple places, just update your site, and the info is pulled into your app.

Beyond integration, this template provides a number of great features, including search functionality, filtering, multiple visual themes, and more.

3. StoreX Pro

StoreX Pro App Template
StoreX Pro React Native Template

Another great app template for integrating with WooCommerce, StoreX Pro makes life easier for online business owners everywhere. You can save 100's of hours of development time by using using this self-proclaimed "no-code" template.

Not only does StoreX Pro work well, it boasts more than a dozen distinct screens for you to build from. It also supports multiple languages, support for several payment gateways, and more.

4. MStore Pro

MStore Pro
MStore Pro

One of the most popular React Native app templates available at CodeCanyon, MStore Pro allows users to convert their existing online shop to a mobile store app.

The template requires no coding skills and is very easy to customise. It is fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, supports PayPal, Stripe, and COD payment methods, and allows users to log in with their Facebook account.

User Bezman says:

“Very well developed and thought out template for quickly deploying a mobile app powered by a WordPress eCommerce website. Updated often and well supported by the developers. Highly recommended."

5. BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro
BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro is a rather cool app that allows users to create a mobile app using any of the content on their WordPress site, including video, photos, and blog posts. BeoNews Pro supports both Facebook and Google logins and stores user data on Firebase that can synchronise between devices. 

User lelandwsmith says:

“The design and flexibility make this a great project. The support is good as well.”

6. ReactPage


Looking to convert your WordPress site into a desktop app? ReactPage is a React Native App template that’s designed specifically to convert your WordPress site into a Windows and/or macOS application. You can choose the components you need for your page—like layout card view, list view, or detail view—and control everything from the WordPress admin page back-end.

User jkhaui says:

“You get what you pay for. May seem on the pricier side, until you realise that you're getting one of the very few high quality React templates for WordPress. Really well done.”

All-in-One React Native App Templates

These React Native app templates are a great starting point no matter what kind of app you're building. Instead of coding your app from scratch, you can use one of these app templates and get up and running with a professional collection of UI components and screens, a well-thought-out app structure and codebase, and a load of added features and options built in. 

7. Antiqueruby


Arriving on the scene in 2018, the Antiqueruby app template has grown rapidly in popularity. It's no wonder, because Antiqueruby is every app developer's dream. Designed to save developers hours of work, Antiqueruby provides developers with stylish and clever UI and UX components to customise their apps. 

Created using Material Design and offering over 140 screens for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, and navigation, it's no surprise that Antiqueruby has become one of CodeCanyon’s bestsellers in this category. 

8. ListApp


Another relative newcomer, ListApp is a great React Native app template for developers looking to create an app with content that takes the form of lists. So if you’re interested in creating an app for the top restaurants, shops, or sights in a specific area, this is the template for you. Some key features available with this app are a map and booking features, social login, and the ability to track bookings.

User jacobspn says:

“Really nice work! Awesome new features with every update."

Special-Purpose React Native App Templates

Sometimes your specialty app or niche can't be covered by one of the generic templates. In this case, you might benefit from a special-purpose template that's already geared towards your specific product or application.

9. GoFit Fitness App Template


If you want to create your own fitness app that covers all aspects of a get fit plan from nutrition to exercise, check out the GoFit app template. The template features a signup and login screen, main menu, workouts, exercise, recipes, blog, levels and goals, body parts diagrams and equipment—in other words, everything you need to create the best fitness app.

User afrojuju says:

“Great product, will recommend to any user. And support was superb!”

Choose Your React Native App Template 

That’s it for our list of the best React Native app templates of 2019. We hope you’ve found the right template for your needs here, but remember that these are just a few of the terrific app templates available at CodeCanyon. So if none of them are quite what you were looking for, there are plenty of other great options there to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building React Native applications, check out the ever so useful courses we have on offer.

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