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August 4, 2019 02:08 pm GMT

You're not worth hiring unless...

The Junior Developer

A junior developer who said I was the smartest person in the company and frequently asked for my help once told me if someone can't transverse a binary tree and write a bubble sort they're not worth hiring. I was shocked because I can do neither of those things from memory. What happens if this person becomes a hiring manager?

The Startup CTO

A company wanted to hire me. They asked if I could write Larvarel middleware, VueJS + Typescript. I said I hadn't built anything recent in that stack, but I've built 40 apps in the last decade, so I have comparable code that shows it would be trivial for me to become proficient. If it wasn't 1-to-1 with their stack, they didn't believe I could do it.


There are ways to hack around these problems (maybe a future post I should do). When people say there are lots of technical jobs, but people are not qualified, they need to re-examine their qualifiers.

Share your Story

Have you ever felt crazy because the qualifiers don't make sense? Let us hear it.

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