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July 30, 2019 04:27 pm GMT

An absolute beginners guide to web development resources

If you've never coded before but are interested in learning some of the basics, I have a few resources for you. I've provided a small number of introductory links as well as a few more thorough course options. I did my best to choose just enough options to not overwhelm you, but still provide choices that will hopefully fit your learning style.

Coding is a challenging, interesting skill that can take years to gain mastery. HOWEVER! The basics can be learned and used to enrich your life and help you understand how to use the tools and technology of our modern world. Just like learning how to change the oil and keep the tires filled on a car helps you use it better, learning just a bit about how code and the internet works helps you be a more knowledgeable citizen of the good ol' World Wide Web.

Basic Introductions

How Computers Work - Khan Academy

"Learn everything from what makes something a computer in the first place, how computers use electrical circuits to store and process information, and the ways hardware and software work together."

Internet 101 - Khan Academy

"In six short, introductory videos, youll get an inside look into foundational concepts of everything from wires to websites"

How Does the Web Work? - The Odin Project

"These concepts provide a more holistic understanding of the ecosystem in which you will be working and will enable you to talk intelligently with other developers about your work."

Beginner Coding Courses

Free Code Camp

"You'll learn to code by completing coding challenges and building projects. You'll also earn verified certifications along the way. We also encourage you to join a study group in your city so you can code in-person with other people."

This is my personal favorite and yes it really is free.

The Odin Project

"Our full stack curriculum is free and supported by a passionate open source community."

This curriculum builds on other resources around the web, curating a thorough code education.

Traversy Media

An excellent source of courses and youtube tutorials that include crash courses to get a brief overview of various coding topics.


Codecademy has a mix of free and paid courses and is a viable alternative to Free Code Camp if that doesn't fit your style.

Learn Enough to be Dangerous

"Learn Enough is based on the idea that you dont have to learn everything to get startedyou just have to learn enough to be dangerous."

I don't get any kickback for these paid courses, but can recommend them for beginners.

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