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July 23, 2019 09:06 pm GMT

Welcome to the Big Thread Club, JavaScript Room. You are the latest winner of the Big Thread Badge.

Most DEV accounts are individuals, and we encourage "org accounts" for publications, but this week's winner is more of a publication with a user account. We only have guidelines, and not hard rulesso this account was still eligible.

JavaScript Room joins @iam_timsmith, @fullstack_to, @espoir, @helenanders26, @philnash, @florinpop17 and @lauragift21 in the club as the fourth winner of this badge.

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The Big Thread Badge is awarded to the person who creates a discussion thread on the site that sparks the most collective comment love (e.g. score as determined by total reactions and adjacent ranking factors).

This was JavaScript Room's thread:

Entry is simple: Start a thread that is bound to spark a lot of comments. Ask the community to tell a certain kind of story and get lots of comments! Even if these threads aren't always answering the deep questions, they are often great for seeing what the broader community thinks of a topic and are usually a lot of fun!

Use the #discuss tag to signal that the post is a discussion thread.

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What color should the bike shed be?

DEV employees are not eligible for the Big Thread Badge.

The Big Thread Oplympics

This marks 8/8 winners that have gone to folks from a different country. It highlights the global diversity of our community of folks helping one another out. How long will the streak continue? Europe now leads with three winners, followed by Oceania, Europe and Africa two each, with one from North America.

Happy Coding!

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