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July 11, 2019 06:14 pm GMT

React Native just got better! The New Javascript Engine is here!

Hermes Engine for React Native is here!

So it started from here :

Facebook officially released React Native v0.60.2 about two hours ago which enables the engine as an opt-in feature. This brings a really big advancement on mobile development with React Native as it will give the Android Applications built with react native a significant boost in performance, smaller build size and less memory usage!

And the integration is so easy! Just enable it in your build.gradle file and that's it. Done Literally, JUST ONE LINE OF CODE AND THATS IT!

You can see the difference on app startup here! :

The only thing is that you need to upgrade React Native to version 0.60.2 which has a lot of significant changes (RN v0.60 was released a week ago - see changelog here) but well, the improvement for Android apps with this engine is AWESOME! Definitely trying it over the weekend!

Oh, and don't forget to follow this discussion on Hermes' official twitter account!

Who all are excited for this? I definitely am!

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