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July 11, 2019 09:00 am GMT

Master the entire Microsoft Office suite for less than $50 with these online courses

TL;DR: Grab the comprehensive Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle for just $49 in the Mashable Shop and learn a little something during your summer vacation.

There's a reason why people often flex their "Microsoft Office proficiency" muscles on their résumés. Across almost all industries — from hospitality to IT — Microsoft Office is commonly used to execute, well, basically everything. It's become so integral to the operations of most companies that many high-growth and high-salary positions require a fundamental understanding of the software suite.

It could only be beneficial to you, then, to sharpen your MS Office skills. If your skill set does not go beyond putting together a few slides on PowerPoint or decorating party invites on Word, then the Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle is the perfect vehicle to further expand your skills. You can get it here for 87% off the usual price. Read more...

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