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July 2, 2019 04:00 pm GMT

Vector - A High-Performance Logs & Metrics Router Written In Rust

Hi everyone, we just released Vector, an open-source logs and metrics collector built in Rust.

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A High-Performance, Logs, Metrics, & Events Router

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Vector is a high-performance observability data router. It makescollecting, transforming, and sending logs, metricsand events easy. It decouples data collection & routing from your services, givingyou control and data ownership, among many other benefits.

Built in Rust, Vector places high-value on performance, correctness, andoperator friendliness. It compiles to a single static binary and is designedto be deployed across your entire infrastructure, serving both as alight-weight agent and a highly efficient service, making the process of gettingdata from A to B simple and unified.





Basically, Vector rides along with your app collecting useful data (logs and metrics) and forwards it to a service of your choice. Ex: Elasticsearch, S3, CloudWatch Logs, and so on. This decouples your app from any specific vendor, giving you control, data ownership, and flexibility. Not to mention it's quite a bit faster :)

The docs and website provide a deeper dive:

Let us know what you think!

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