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June 26, 2019 07:44 pm GMT

Introducing a New Initiative: IRL.DEV

As was discussed in this post yesterday, meeting up irl is awesome.

No, we aren't (yet) announcing a first conference, but we are introducing an initiative to help our community members organize and bridge the online-offline gap.

The such community-led event actually happened last night in New York City, with support from DEV staff but not officially run by us. Some of us were in attendance and it was absolutely awesome. It got us really excited about this going forward.

We had speakers we recognized from the community, and lots of familiar faces. We also had new faces who were being introduced to DEV for the first time. (Speakers are absolutely not necessary for a great meetup by the way, feel free to organize less structured gatherings).

If you would be interested in organizing a meetup in your city, visit our new website:


We expect organizers to be able to commit to managing their meetups on an ongoing basis and being in touch with us to help enriching, inclusive events.

This new website is an open source project, and because it is separate from our main mothership, contribution should be fairly low-barrier. As of now it is mostly designed for accepting applications to organize events, but we can evolve it together to be a hub for information about how the community is organizing itself.

Bridging the online-offline gap in creative ways will be a fun project all in all.

GitHub logo thepracticaldev / IRL.DEV

There's nothing better than meeting your internet friends, IRL.

There's nothing more awesome than meeting your internet friends, IRL

About the Project

IRL.DEV is a site that features real-life events from volunteer members of the DEV Community.

It is built with Gatsby and Airtable.


Install Gatsby

npm install -g gatsby-cli

Clone the repository

git clone [email protected]:thepracticaldev/IRL.DEV.git

Change into the project


Install the dependencies

npm i

Set up a link to your development database. Here is the database, click the copy base button. Then, go to your copied base and look at its API documentation. If you go to the help button on the top right, and click on API documentation. Go to the node.js tab. You should see a line of code that looks like this:

const base = require("airtable").base("your_base_id")

Copy the id from the base method.

Create an .env file with

It's a Gatsby site, which is an experiment in a different approach for our team and it should be a lot of fun to see where this goes. @aspittel lead the way in making this happen.

Original Link:

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