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June 23, 2019 03:06 pm GMT

Front End: Is Anything Getting Better?

It's been around nine years since Angular JS (the first one) was unleashed on the world. Nine years of single page apps (SPAs) in the browser, and constant innovation in the frameworks used to build them. has a great community of active, intelligent and helpful frontend developers who use a variety of frameworks to build SPAs. Perhaps some of them have been working in this area since the first Angular JS came out.

My question to anyone who's interested: is anything getting better?

Is it getting better for the users of our SPAs. What has improved for them in the last nine years - think of specific things. If you don't think it has improved, tell me - why not?

Is it getting better for the developers of SPAs? Is it easier today to build, say, a todo app than it was nine years ago?

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