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March 28, 2019 03:54 pm

Best Ionic App Templates of 2019

Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks for building awesome cross-platform apps that work everywhere. It allows you to create apps that will work on all devices without weighing you down with platform-specific details.

What makes Ionic even better is that it does not have a steep learning curve. This means that you can get started quickly. You can also cut down your development time significantly by using some of the best Ionic templates of 2019.

All of these feature-rich app templates have a very polished design, so whatever app you are trying to create will look professional.


If you are planning on building an HR management system, this template offers everything that you could possibly expect in such an app.


You can use it to manage attendance, clients, employees, projects, tasks, accounts, payroll, email, calls, chats and more.

Here are some of its awesome features:

  • login, registration, and profile pages
  • easy to customize
  • over 70+ page templates
  • fully optimized responsive design

Just check out the preview of the app to see how it will look and what pages and features it offers.

Task Manager

Task Manager is basically a to-do application. However, it offers some really great features.

Task Manager

Once you have signed up or logged in, you can start creating a list of tasks that you want to do. The tasks are searchable and clicking on them will show you who was assigned a specific task or its timing and more such details.

Here are its features:

  • a simple interface for great user experience
  • assign tasks to different people or to yourself
  • group tasks by users
  • track users by how frequently they complete a task after deadline

Task Manager is a great choice if you want a basic app with simple and easy to use layout.

Ion Dating

Ion Dating is the perfect Ionic template to create a dating app. It comes with a login signup and settings page among others.

Ion Dating

The app does not have a back-end so you can integrate it with a back-end platform of your choice.

Here is a list of its features:

  • beautiful UI and modern design
  • swipe cards similar to Tinder
  • a matchmaker
  • see your favorites and matches

The template offers all the basic features that you need to start creating your own dating app.


Pizza is an amazing Ionic app for restaurants that you can use to start offering your services online.


It comes with separate pages for details of a food item, different categories of food items, a search feature and cart functionality.

Here are some of its important features:

  • 12 different skins for you to customize
  • admin panel to easily manage app content
  • optimizations to run app faster on mobile devices
  • integration of different payment methods
  • push notifications for users

This app lets you do everything from providing information about different food items to creating orders. You can also check out the demo of the back-end for Pizza.

Ion Foody

People who own a restaurant or are in food delivery business can take their services to the next level using this professionally designed IonFoody app template.

Ion Foody

It has dedicated pages for everything like product details page, orders page, cart page, checkout and delivery page along with login and signup pages.

Here are some of its features:

  • 3 cuisine page designs and 2 category page designs
  • users reviews and ratings on the product details page
  • options page for different variations and add-ons for same food item

You can check out the demo to see how the app looks on mobile devices. The app template does not come with a back-end so you can use whatever tools or platforms you want.

Ion Real Estate

This Ion Real Estate app template has a lot of pages to list properties, agents and their details. Then there are pages for login, registration and signup etc.

Ion Real Estate

The UI elements used in the app are placed strategically so you the design looks pleasing to the eye without compromising the usability.

Here are some of its features:

  • a dedicated page to filter property listings
  • clean and user friendly interface
  • lots of dedicated pages meant for different purposes

This template is meant to be used as a starting point for the design of your app. As such, it does not implement a back-end. However, this gives you the option to implement the back-end using tools and functions of your choice.

Real Estate Ionic

This fully functional Ionic app offers all the features that you could possibly want in a real estate app. You can easily maintain and update the information inside the app on the back-end.

Real Estate Ionic

It is possible to filter the listed properties based on their type, distance and pricing.

Here are its features:

  • highly customizable with Modular architecture
  • use of attractive color schemes
  • very easy to install
  • use of Firebase for back-end data maintainance

You should definitely give Real Estate Ionic a try if you are looking for a fully functional real estate app.


This app template is basically an Instagram clone based on Ionic framework. It relies of Firebase for back-end functionality. As a result, you can deploy it very quickly.

Zap Insta

Here are some of its features:

  • login using email, Google or Facebook
  • like posts and save them as favorites
  • get post, followers, and following count
  • set profile picture, username, and description
  • change email address and password or delete account

There are a lot more Zapinsta features that you can read about on the Zapinsta product description page.


This is an e-commerce app template based on the Ionic framework. It relies on Firebase to manage all the data related to the app and different products.


The template includes pages for product categories, favorites, blog posts, cart and orders. There is also a profile page, login/signup page, and a forgot password page.

Here are some of its awesome features:

  • clean and user friendly design
  • PayPal, Stripe and COD integration
  • over 12 skins and themes
  • push notifications
  • AdMob integration

The template comes with a back-end CMS that makes it really easy for you to manage users, products and product categories. You can find the links for accessing the app and the admin panel on the product description page of Kiwi.


This is a multi-purpose Ionic 4 app which will save a lot of time if you plan to create hybrid apps.


There are 6 different ready-made apps included in the template to give you a quick head start and to help you understand how the template works.

Here are some of its features:

  • over 15 different color schemes
  • CRUD and authentication using Firebase
  • optimized for better performance on mobile devices
  • AdMob integration

The template also contains 5 uniquely designed profile pages, 3 different gallery layouts and login/registration pages for users. You should give Lemonserious consideration because it offers a lot of functionality with clean design.

Ionic Stencil

Unlike all other app templates that we have listed so far, this one is not meant to create a specific kind of app. It is more like a multi-purpose UI kit that you can easily customize to create any app you like.

Ionic Stensil

It contains over 45 different UI screens and page layouts for displaying login pages, profile pages, lists, task planner and more.

Here are its features:

  • light and dark mode
  • integration of charts to present data beautifully
  • interactive elements for hiding and showing data
  • many empty state screens

You should check out the demo to see the large variety of pages and UI layout available to create your own apps. There are 10 different layout for just listing different kinds of items.

Catalogue Ionic

Any company or business which wants to showcase its products in a well laid out manners to potential clients and buyers will benefit from using the Catalogue Ionic app template to create their hybrid app.

Catalogue Ionic

The primary focus of the app is to provide users with the necessary information about all the products that you offer.

  • directly feed data into the app from your WordPress website if you use WordPress
  • display products on home screen with a slideshow
  • users can mark products are favorites
  • easily provide company information inside the app
  • push notifications and modular architecture

The template is easy to customize so you will have no problem in changing its look and feel to match with your company. Take a look at the demo and see if the app meets your requirements.


In this post, we have listed some of the best Ionic apps and templates in 2019. Some of these apps are fully functional and ready to use while others will require you to implement the back-end functionality. Which way you choose to go depends on your end goal. In either case, you will still end up saving a lot of time by using these templates instead of creating everything from scratch.

The good thing about Ionic is that you can use it to create all kinds of apps. If the app templates listed here don't meet your requirements, you can always check the Envato market for more Ionic apps and templates.

What kind of Ionic apps are you looking for? Which one is your favorite from the above list?

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