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March 20, 2019 10:15 pm

15 Best JavaScript Sliders of 2019

Sliders are very helpful when you are trying to fit a lot of content into little space. They can also make the whole webpage appear a lot more interesting with use of some basic animation effects.

When used properly, sliders can improve the usability of webpage without wasting precious screen real estate.

In this post, I'll share the best JavaScript sliders available on Envato Market in 2019. If you are looking for a slider to integrate in your website, read on! You might just find the perfect slider for your site.

PI Slider JS

PI slider has a very minimalist and polished design that will go well with almost every website.

It has been created using pure JavaScript without the use of any 3rd party libraries so there is no additional page load.

PI Slider

Here are some of its features:

  • responsive design
  • option for infinite looping
  • fully customizable
  • great browser support

The slider is optimized for mobile devices so it also works well on touch screens.

This slider has a perfect five star rating—the fact that every buyer gave it a five star rating speaks volumes about the quality and ease of use of this plugin.

Take a look at all the PI Slider demos to see how you can use it to create vertical and horizontal sliders.

Bootstrap 4 Carousel Responsive jQuery Plugin

This carousel plugin pack contains a large variety of carousels or sliders meant to serve different purposes. When you purchase it, you get access to over 200 pre-built examples and layouts.

The carousel is fully responsive and it has been designed with mobile devices and tablets in mind.

Bootstarp 4 Carousel

Some features of this plugin are:

  • thumbnail navigation
  • use of the Bootstrap grid system
  • 40+ text and layer animations
  • 8+ slide transitions

The plugin is compatible with both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4. If your website already uses Bootstrap, using this plugin will get rid of any compatibility issues that might have been caused by plugins which don't specifically target Bootstrap.

Also, Font Awesome files and complementary Google fonts are bundled with the project.

Take a quick look at all the demos of Bootstarp 4 Carousel and you will almost certainly find something to add to your site.

Custom Slider and Wizard

This custom slider plugin has all the basic features that you might expect in a slider. What really sets it apart though, is the ease of setting it up. The plugin download comes with a tool that even generates the code that you have to add to your website.

Custom Slider and Wizard

Here is a list of its features:

  • caption boxes for each slider
  • support for swipe gestures
  • push and fade effects for transitions
  • responsive and SEO-friendly design

Since the plugin does not rely on any 3rd party libraries, there is no detrimental effect on your website speed.

Play withall the available options in the demo to see if this what your are looking for in a slider.

Bootstrap Carousel Bundle

This is a feature-rich Bootstrap-based carousel plugin designed to meet all your slider needs.

You can use it to create something as simple as a thumbnail carousel or as complicated as a slider which contains tables or form elements.

Bootstrap Carousel Bundle

Here is a list of its major features:

  • animation of text layers on the slides
  • parallax effect for the carousel
  • create multi-column layouts
  • responsive and mobile-friendly

This is actually a bundle of two plugins—buying them together will save you a lot of money!

There areover 170 working examples on the demo page which can be modified easily to suit your own needs.


This is a fast, multi-purpose slider that looks very professional. The slick design and use of animation in different templates will blow your mind.


Here are some of Slidea'sfeatures:

  • layered design to superimpose elements
  • over 50 preset animations and 6 pre-built templates
  • support for video content and multiple sliders
  • compatible with Bootstrap and Foundation

Even though plugin is beginner friendly to use, the end result looks incredible. You can also use it to create full screen sliders for immersive user experience.

Just give the demos a try and you will see what I am talking about. Make sure you check out each template because they are all unique.

Paradise Slider

Paradise Slider is another plugin that takes advantage of the Bootstrap framework to create sliders with stunning layouts and animations.

The transition from one slide to the next feels very fluid and natural.

Paradise Slider

Here are some of its noteworthy features:

  • animation of text layers on the slides
  • parallax effect for the carousel
  • fully responsive with support for mobile devices
  • support for YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos
  • 8 different slide transition effects

This plugin offers sliders and carousels for all types of content. With over 130 templates, you can create sliders for images and videos and well as blog posts, tables and forms.

The demo page has a bunch of unique examplesfor each type of content. Check them all out for some inspiration!

jQuery Slider Maker

This simple jQuery slider maker can help you create your own sliders with a nice Ken Burns effect in no time. The subtle panning and zooming of each image makes the slider much more dynamic.

The plugin comes with an admin area where you can simply log in and create your own sliders by setting different options. Then just click on the Publish button get the code to be added to your webpage.

jQuery Slider Maker

Here is an incompleted list of features for this slider:

  • live preview in the admin panel
  • fully responsive with touch-based swipe
  • animations for layered captions
  • themes based on material design guidelines

Just head over to the demo page and create your own slider to see how easy it is to use the jQuery Slider Maker.

Responsive Bootstrap Carousel

Here is one more Bootstrap carousel that makes it possible to create your own sliders in a couple of minutes.

Responsive Bootstrap Carousel

Here are some of its key features:

  • beautiful animations and transitions
  • use of Font Awesome icons to create UI elements
  • fade, slide, rotate and zoom effects for the carousel
  • fully responsive with touch support

The download comes with templates for creating sliders with contents ranging from images and user testimonials to product listings for eCommerce websites. It also comes with templates for animation of text layers, videos and other elements.

The interface is very user friendly with a lot of configuration options. Though it is up to you to make the slider responsive or give it a fixed width.

Do check out thesenice speech bubble sliders that can give any website a unique look.

Ultimate Sliders Bundle

As the name suggests, the ultimate slider bundle contains all types of sliders and banners—anything that you could dream of using in your next project.

This is actually a bundle of three separate plugins, offered at a discount price making it a great deal.

Ultimate Sliders Bundle

Here are some of its features:

  • multiple layers for independent animation effects
  • responsive design
  • multiple skins
  • full screen sliders
  • parallax effect sliders

The text on each slide can be animated from top, left, bottom or right. There are also 16 different transition effects for image slides other than the basic push and fade effects.

The demo page of the plugin has a lot of examples for responsive, full screen or fixed width layouts.

Magic Slider

The Magic Slider plugin also has a lot to offer in terms of features. The level of control that you get over all aspects of slider animation is amazing.

Magic Slider

Here is a small list of its features:

  • responsive design with support for touch screen navigation
  • layered elements which can be animated from any direction
  • ultra-smooth Ken Burns effect
  • ability to add multiple sliders on same page

You can also integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos in your gallery slideshow with Magic Slider. It also lets you create fixed width, full width, responsive and full screen sliders.

There are a lot of sliders on the demo pagewhich each look completely unique but all use the same Magic Slider plugin. Do check them all out!


RoyalSlider is a content slider plugin that priorities performance, accessibility and user experience for viewers.

The plugin humbly states that it does not come with a lot of fancy effects. However, the effects that you do get will always give optimum performance for all your viewers.

Royal Slider

Here are some of its awesome features:

  • put any content you like in the slides or in their thumbnails
  • smart lazy loading to strike perfect balance between performance and user experience
  • change speed, transition and easing for each caption and slide animation
  • optimized for SEO with indexable images and use of proper HTML tags

The interface of this plugin is completely customizable and with the download you also get access to the Photoshop files to customize the skins as you wish.

The modular architecture of this plugin makes it possible for you to get rid of parts that you don't need in the slider to further optimize its performance.

There are a lot of examples on the demo page of this plugin that you can use as a starting point when creating something of your own.


This plugin is much more than just a slider to showcase your images and videos. It is basically a multi-purpose animation platform that can be used to create all sorts of things.

The core plugin recently received an update to make it future proof and increase its robustness.

Layer slider

Here are some of its features to blow your mind:

  • over 200 pre-defined slide transitions
  • static layers and pop-out-of-slider effects
  • apply filters and masking separately to differentlayers
  • animate all common CSS properties
  • SEO-friendly and optimized for mobile devices

If you want a plugin that will help you every time you want to add some animated element on your webpage, LayerSlider should be your first choice.

Just check out the demos where the plugin adds stunning animations to landing pages, pop ups, sliders and more. The only limit with this plugin is your imagination.

All In One Slider

This All in One Slider plugin is an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

You can use it to create a banner rotator, thumbnails banner, banner with playlist, content slider or a carousel. Each of these have their own unique set of possible settings and configurations to alter their behavior.

All in One Slider

Here are some nice features of All In One Slider:

  • 3 predefined skins and 16 photo transition effects
  • animate text from any direction you like
  • control color, size and transparency of circular timer
  • randomize the image order
  • add multiple instances of a slider on same page

The recent update of this plugin added a new feature that lets you create banners in the sidebar.

Just give the different types of sliders on the demo page a try. Who knows, one of those might be exactly what you are want.

Parallax Slider

This plugin gives you the opportunity to implement sliders on your website in a unique way.

There are 4 different versions of sliders that you can create with this plugin. They are: Classic, Perpetuum Mobile, Mouse Interaction and Ultra.

Parallax Slider

Here are some of the slider pack's key features:

  • unlimited number of layered elements
  • control motion of a layer between two points
  • let layer elements interact with mouse
  • move multiple backgrounds asynchronously
  • animate the text layers in any direction

All these features make it possible to create a unique slider experience for your visitors. You can also specify if the sliders should have a fixed width, full width or responsive layout.

Just take a look at the demos and I am sure you will be impressed. The asynchronous movement of backgrounds in the Ultra version of the Parallax Slider is very subtle but it completely changes the way you perceive the motion of different slides or images.

Timeline Slider

Let's wrap up this list with a unique, special-purpose slider. This slider plugin is completely different than everything we have covered so far.

Unlike other sliders, this one works best when it is describing a specific event throughout history, and it does a fantastic job in the respect.

Timeline Slider

Here are some features that make this unique plugin awesome:

  • a built-in audio player
  • fully responsive after the latest update
  • unlimited number of images and milestones
  • 2 themes and fully layered PSD files for customization

Also, you can completely change the look and feel of this plugin using 17 built-in options.

It is possible to add Read More buttons, milestone marks and a video or multimedia gallery at different places in the slider. This increases the usefulness of the slider many fold!

Just check out the demo of evolution of chair design and you will know what I mean.


In this tutorial, we've listed some of the best JavaScript sliders available in Envato market.

All of them are responsive and come with touch support. However, most of them also focus on one key area to set them apart. For instance, the Royal Slider focuses on performance while the Layer Slider is more like an animation platform which can be used to created anything from sliders to pop ups.

The best way to choose a slider plugin from the list is to simply list your goals and pick one that checks the most boxes. Let us know in the comments which plugin you ended up using in your projects.

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