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July 4, 2018 07:50 am

Sony Tries To Upload Movie Trailer To YouTube, Posts Entire Movie Instead

Sony Pictures Entertainment intended to post a trailer for its limited-release film Khali the Killer on YouTube, but ended up accidentally uploading the entire film instead. Ars Technica reports: Khali the Killer is a violent crime drama that, based on the actual trailer, seems to draw a lot of influence from westerns and '70s exploitation films. It was released on DVD in 2017, but in the odd reverse-order world of some indie films, it's not slated for a theatrical release until later this year. In any case, this is not an example of the film being unavailable until it suddenly appeared on YouTube. Clocking in at a feature-length one hour and 30 minutes, the video has since been removed, but it stayed up for several hours. That was long enough to earn a heavily upvoted Reddit thread making fun of the error.

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